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Studiologic Music Numa Organ 2

Integrated Organ

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Studiologic Music Numa Organ 2
Studiologic Music Numa Organ 2
1 000.00 street price

Like the original Numa Organ, Numa Organ 2 version uses exclusive modeling technology (without samples) and is a pure organ, without pianos, music, synths or other sounds of any kind. Its controls look identical to those featured by the predecessor, but got a more compact package. It is made of metal. In addition, like the original, Numa Organ 2 offers 3 multitimbral parts: upper, lower, and bass pedals, which interact via MIDI channels 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

The 73-note keyboard is excellent and fast in action. Dynamic Touch has 3 modes: on, off and blinking, which correspond to the MIDI control of only internal sounds/only external sounds, or both. The instrument has knobs for adjusting the effect of overdrive, reverb, key press which remind of Korg CX-3 from the 80's. A small drawback of Numa Organ 2 is that in addition to selecting different models of the organ, it is not possible to change any settings.

By the way, as for the models, Numa 2 has several kinds of organs that can be selected by holding the Sound/Preset button until it starts blinking, then pressing one of them. Three models cover B-3, A-100, C-3 organs, and each of them sounds fantastic. Numa Organ 2 is very similar to its predecessor in capacity, "breathing", and in the quality of voices, even if they are mixed together.
In addition, in this version you can find a church organ and 3 transistors of combo-organs. The basic sound of them is quite authentic, but each model of the organ in the instrument uses Hammond 9 drawbars. With this organ, you can reproduce convincingly the compositions of such bands as The Doors and Animals.

Compared to Numa Organ 1, the second version features more obvious improvements of the overall audio authenticity. It is more open and less boisterous. The overdrive behavior was improved as well. In the original version it was more effervescent-like, but in Numa Organ 2 it became warmer bringing that tube feel.

Country of origin / production: Italy

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More info
Usage area
Organ Synthesizer 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Digital (D) 
Rotary Speaker 
Overdrive/ Drive 
Effects overall5
MIDI in/ out
Type Semi-weighted
Number of Keys73
Built-in controllers
Pitch Bend Wheel 
Modulation Wheel 
External controllers
Expression foot pedal 
Audio out
Analogue: 1/4" (6.35mm)4
Audio in
Analog 1/8"1
Computer Interfaces
Height100 mm
Width1050 mm
Depth300 mm
Weight11.000 kg

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  Integrated Organ   800.00 U.S.Dollars

Studiologic Numa Organ is based on modeling technology (without samples), has a 73-key keyboard, and is a clean body, without any other tools. It is made of metal. Numa Organ offers 3 multi-timbral parts to the user's disposal: upper, lower, and bass...