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Manufacturer/ Brand: Sequential Circuits

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Sequential Circuits DrumTraks
/5 0

Drum Machine

DrumTraks is a desktop module of a digital 8-bit drum machine. The module comprises 13 samples which are stored on EPROM chips. Using this type of memory allows you to change the basic sounds by replacing (Sequential Circuits separately sold sets of...

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Rack
5.0/5 2

Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer Module

It is a rackmount version of Prophet VS synthesizer (it differs only in the absence of a keyboard and pitch/modulation wheels).

2 000.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
/5 0

Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer

Prophet VS is the first synthesizer which applies vector synthesis method. Unfortunately, Prophet VS was produced only a few months before Sequential Circuits ceased its operating in 1987. Later (in 1990), this method was used by Dave Smith in Korg...

3 500.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
/5 0

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Prophet T8 is an 8-voice analog synthesizer with digital microprocessor control. This model hasn’t lost its relevance even now (2016), as it has all the necessary features: Full MIDI support Dynamic keyboard with aftertouch The ability of keyboard split...

5 000.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
/5 0

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Another masterpiece made by Dave Smith and John Bowen. The first synthesizer on the market featuring MIDI support. Prophet-600 is an analog synthesizer with microprocessor control, has 6-voice polyphony. Each voice contains two voltage controlled...

1 600.00