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Modal Electronics CRAFTrhythm
/5 0

Drum&Percussion Sampler

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Resonance, Low-pass Filter (LPF), Samples Bank Size: 64, Max number of songs: 16, Pattern Sequencer, Max Step Count: 16, USB PC Link, MIDI through USB.

Yamaha TX16W
/5 0

Rackmount Sampler

Digital (D), Voices: 16, Multi Timbral Capacity: 8 part(s), DAC: 12 bit, ADC: 12 bit, Sample Memory: 6 Mb, THRU, OUT, IN, Production start: 1987, Production end: 1988.

/5 0

Groove Sampling Workstation

The release of the sampler BOSS SP-505 happened in 2002. It is an entry level workstation with the possibility of sampling. Its purpose is to work with one-shot samples and loops. The device has an 8-voice polyphony and 4 MB internal memory, which can...

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16
/5 0

Sampler&Step Sequencer

The release of Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 took place in 2016. The original sampler is the embodiment of popular instruments, as it includes a 16-step sequencer, based on the principle of TR-8 drum machine, a grid of multi-colored 16 pads taken from NI...

1 500.00
Elektron Octatrack
/5 0

Performance Sampler&Sequencer

The Swedish company Elektron, known for its high-quality drum machines and synthesizers, said that sampling is a dying art. Therefore, in 2011, the manufacturer released Octatrack DPS-1, which is an 8-track dynamic performance sampler and sequencer 2 in...

1 200.00