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Clavia Nord C2
3.0/5 1

Dual Manual Combo Organ

The Clavia Nord C2D is a digital organ designed and manufactured by Clavia, a Swedish company. It is a two-manual instrument with 61 semi-weighted keys and a range of sounds and effects. It also features a drawbar section, a built-in Leslie speaker, and a range of MIDI and USB connections.

2 500.00
Clavia Nord C2D
/5 0

Dual Manual Combo Organ

Nord C2D is a powerful instrument reproducing B3 tone wheel organ, Vox and Farfisa transistor organs as well as a sampled baroque pipe organ and providing you with two sets of physical drawbars per manual (dual manual, 61-note waterfall keyboard with...

4 000.00
/5 0

Percussion Synthesizer

Long before the legendary TR-808 and 909 the company released (in 1978) an instrument which impresses with something different. It is called CR-68 CompuRhythm. The drum machine offers 14 types of drums, played right when you click on one of the patterns,...

5.0/5 1

Percussion Synthesizer

For many, drum machines were those boxes stuffed with "rattling", "booming" kick sounds from TR-808, or thick TR-909 snares. They were very popular in hip-hop and dance music, and completely changed our perception of drum machine sounds. But before all...

1 000.00
3.3/5 3

Percussion Synthesizer

The drum machine Roland CR-8000 was released in the early 80's. The expensive device offers 10 distinctive types of percussion. Unlike the predecessors - CR-68 and CR-78 - CR-8000 got a small screen with tempo displaying, as well as knobs made in the...