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5.0/5 1

FM Synthesizer

The Yamaha DX21 is a synthesizer released by Yamaha in 1983. It is a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer with two digital oscillators and two analog oscillators per voice. It features a variety of sound-shaping controls, including an envelope generator, a...

Roland EXR-46OR
1.0/5 1

Interactive Arranger

The wide sound palette of Roland EXR-46 OR will become a guide to the amazing music world of the West and the Middle East. The true essence of the music was reproduced by qualified local musicians, who carefully selected and programed each nuance using...

Roland MC-303
3.0/5 1

Groove box

Roland MC-303 was released in 1996, and is the first groovebox in the series. It embraces a combination of synth timbres, drum machine samples and a built-in sequencer. Its synth part is represented with a rompler which stores a wide range of sounds...

Roland Alpha Juno 1
/5 0

Hybrid Synthesizer

The Roland Alpha Juno 1 is a synthesizer released by Roland in 1985. It is an analog polyphonic synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard and a wide range of features. It is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from classic analog leads and basses to...

Moog Werkstatt 01
4.5/5 2

Monophonic Patchable Synthesizer

Werkstatt 01 is a DIY kit for an analog monophonic synthesizer assembly. The synthesizer includes all the required functional blocks: One voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), which can generate a sawtooth or rectangular wave. The "GREQ" knob sets the...