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Korg Krome EX 88
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Workstation Keyboard

The Korg Krome EX 88 is an 88-key workstation synthesizer with a built-in sequencer. It features a full-length, velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch and a wide range of sounds, including pianos, organs, strings, brass, and more. It also includes...

1 500.00
Radikal Technologies Spectralis
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Hybrid Synthesizer Desktop Module

Spectralis has 4 oscillators, 11 drum parts, 3 Asynth and 3 Dsynth parts, a 4-pole low pass filter, a 2-pole multimode filter and a filterbank. There’s a 24-track sequencer and an 11-track drum matrix as well as an arpeggiator. 10 LFOs offer variable...

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2
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Hybrid Synthesizer

Spectralis 2 offers up to 4GB sample memory, the new sequencer engine supporting real time functioning. Keep your favorite sounds close – Quick Sound Selection will help you to have an easy access. The sound engine has been taken from the Spectralis and...

1 200.00
Yamaha QY700
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Sequencer Workstation

The Yamaha QY700 is a music production workstation released by Yamaha in 1997. It is a powerful and versatile MIDI sequencer and sound module that allows users to compose, arrange, and record music. It features a built-in 16-track sequencer, a variety of...

Novation Circuit
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The Novation Circuit is a groovebox-style synthesizer and drum machine. It features two synthesizers and four drum parts, as well as a sequencer, arpeggiator, and effects. It is designed to be used both in the studio and on stage, and is capable of creating complex and evolving sounds.