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Digital Drum Machine

The Roland R-5 Human Rhythm Composer is a PCM-based drum machine and sound module released in 1989 by Roland Corporation. When itwas released, It was a powerful and versatile device that allowed users to create and edit drum patterns and sequences. The...

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The Roland MC-09 is a groovebox synthesizer and sampler released in 2006. It is a combination of a sequencer, sampler, and synthesizer, allowing users to create and manipulate sounds. It features a variety of sound-shaping tools, including a 16-track...

Roland TR-626
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Rhythm machine

Roland TR-626 became one of the very first full-digital drum machines which are based on compressed PCM samples – it also the latest unit of the famous TR series. It is an updated digital version of the classic TR-606 and TR-505. The design is very...

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
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USB MIDI Pad Controller

Trigger Finger Pro is a pad controller with a step sequencer. You’ve got 16 dynamic pressure sensitive RGB pads, backlit buttons, faders, 4 assignable knobs. Smooth integration with DAW and plug-ins is guaranteed. There are about 5000 samples for your...

Roland JV-50
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The Roland JV-50 is a sound module released by Roland Corporation in 1994. It is a rack-mounted synthesizer module that uses the same sound engine as the Roland JV-1080, but with fewer voices and features. It is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from acoustic instruments to synthesizers and sound effects.