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Paraphonic Semi-modular Synthesizer

Modular System, Eurorack, Digital (D), Paraphonic, Monotimbral, Oscillators overall: 8, Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), Digital (DCF), Production start: 2018.

Roland D-550
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Rackmount Sound Module/ Tone Generator

D-550 is a rackmount version of Roland’s popular D-50. The unit features fewer controls though the circuit is identical. D-550 is based on the capabilities of one of the most popular digital synthesizers not only ever created by Roland but ever emerged...

Roland D-50
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D-50 is one of the most popular digital synthesizers not only ever created by Roland but ever emerged on the market. The 61-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch was released in 1987. It features 16-voice polyphony which becomes an 8 one in a...

*Custom made synths Deckards Dream
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Rackmount 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer

Deckard’s Dream is a 70s-80s inspired synth. It has an 8-voice polyphony with two synthesis layers available per voice, and analog core (fully analog signal path). There are 256 presets integrated (128 factory and 128 user ones). The OLED display is...

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Moog Source
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Analog Synthesizer

Moog Source is a monophonic, monotimbral instrument with an analog subtractive synthesis type. It has 2 oscillators, an LFO, a low pass filter and a storage memory for 16 presets. The instrument is based on the Z80 microprocessor core. Source was an...

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