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Pittsburgh Modular Multiple
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Multiple consists of two identical splitters. The audio or CV signal fed into the splitter is duplicated at the three outputs, and thus one signal can be routed on three different modules. The module does not require power and is small in size (only 2HP).

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Audio and Control Voltage Signal Router

Three convenient mini modules enclosed in one housing. In the upper part is a passive signal propagator. It is represented with four parallel connectors, which allow you to send one signal assigning it into three routings. In the middle and bottom part...

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Mixer/ Multiplier

Mix Mult consists of two functional units: a three-channel mixer and two signal multipliers. Each mixer channel has its own gain control. Channels 1 and 2 have independent outputs with the function of disconnecting from the mixer, which allows them to be...

Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
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Slew limiter, Noise, S&H, Inverter

The module consists of three independent function blocks: Glide - the limiter (or portamento, or lag-processor). The "TIME" knob adjusts the rise time of the signal.Sample & hold - contains an analog noise generator and a sample&hold circuit. The...

Pittsburgh Modular Timetable
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Clock Divider / Pattern Generator

Timetable represents two independent clock dividers – it’s a Clock Divider/Pattern & CV Generator. The first divider allows you to split the input signal by 2, 4, 8 and 16. The second part of the module is a pattern generator. Its operation is...