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Analog Drum Machine

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In 2013 Musikmesse presented the drum machine launched by MFB - TANZBÄR Analoger Drumcomputer, the reminiscence of classical instruments of the last century. TANZBÄR has a fully analogue core, offering control over several drum sources, which can be programmed independently of each other.

Its library includes: 2 bass drums, snares, rimshots, claves, claps, cymbals, congas, cowbells, maracas, as well as unique bass synthesis. Each percussion has its own versatile sound character control. As for the interface, BD1 and SD sections offer the most extensive settings. In the BD 1 section there is a "Noise Generator" that adds "grains", as well as a low-pass filter. The snare knobs are responsible for changing pitch, damper, and the additional "Snappy" knob allows you to create a more noisy and bright snare, reminiscent of that one featured in the legendary drum machine TR-909.

Other drums are equipped with a more modest set of knobs. Nevertheless, they are enough to reveal the whole wide range of different options. Most of them are responsible for the settings changing the pitch and decay, and clap, as well as BD1, has its own filter. All the knobs that are located on the surface of the drum machine can be controlled by MIDI CC.

The rhythm machine has not only a comprehensive set of sounds, but also a sequencer. You can create and store up to 144 patterns that are A/B switched. Moreover, they can be combined to increase the steps. The number of steps for each percussion is completely individual: if you want the kick pattern to play for 16 steps, then nothing will prevent you from programming 13 steps for percussion, which will go in parallel with it. There are also original variations of glitches, roll/flame, and a shuffle function that adds swing to patterns.

Tags: analog synthesizer

Country of origin / production: Germany

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More info
Usage area
Bass Synthesizer 
Percussion Synthesizer 
Rhytm/ Drum Machine 
Analogue (A) 
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
Drum Kits Preset16
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Kick Drum
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Snare Drum
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Clap/ Hand Clap
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Hi-Hat Open
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Hi-Hat Close
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Cymbal
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Claves
Pattern Sequencer 
Preset patterns144
MIDI in/ out
External controllers
CV in3
Gate in2
Audio out
Dedicated output per voice 
All voices mixed in one output 
Power Supply External
Height60 mm
Width330 mm
Depth170 mm
Weight0.850 kg
Production start2013

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