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Sequential Circuits Pro One
5.0/5 1

Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

It is a kind of monophonic version of Prophet 5 (referring to the third revision, with indiscrete VCOs). It has a standard "prophetic" structure: an analog controlled by a microprocessor. Unlike Prophet 5, Intel 8021 was chosen as a microprocessor in Pro...

1 800.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
/5 0

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Prophet T8 is an 8-voice analog synthesizer with digital microprocessor control. This model hasn’t lost its relevance even now (2016), as it has all the necessary features: Full MIDI support Dynamic keyboard with aftertouch The ability of keyboard split...

5 000.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
4.0/5 1

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Another masterpiece made by Dave Smith and John Bowen. The first synthesizer on the market featuring MIDI support. Prophet-600 is an analog synthesizer with microprocessor control, has 6-voice polyphony. Each voice contains two voltage controlled...

1 600.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
5.0/5 1

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

In 1978 in order to consolidate the company’s position on the market Sequential Circuits released Prophet-10. Basically the synthesizer is two combined Prophet-5 units. The architecture of the synthesizer is not changed at all, the only difference is in...

6 000.00
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
/5 0

Analog Programable Polyphonic Synthesizer

Prophet 5 is a legend that can surely be added to the list of "top 5 analog synthesizers of all time". Prophet-5 became the most popular professional synthesizer of the late 1970s - early 1980s, and largely influenced the sound of pop music of that...

4 500.00