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Designers Andrew Morelli of SSF (Steady State Fate) and William Mathewson of WMD joined forces in developing new instruments, i.e. SSF/WMD synthesizers series in the Eorurack format. Voltage magic and digital precision are the main guidelines declared by the tandem, which respects and doubles the respected standards of quality and power of modular synthesis instruments.

Together, SSF and WMD have created many useful devices: ADSRVCA, Amplitude (the module fairly reproduces the warmth of classics and juicy tones reminiscent of retro analog synthesizers, exceeding all expectations), Blender (4-channel mixer and voltage-controlled cross fader; the unit allows blending two signals simultaneously with a single control - two cross faders with manual control and one voltage-controlled master cross fader will help to keep the dynamics of the signal processing), DPLR VC Delay and Chorus, Modbox (tempo synchronized modulation source with a 3-phase LFO, CV Skewable LFO, sample&hold and white noise generator), Multi Mode Filter (MMF), Pole Zero LP Filter, Quad ATTEN (passive quad attenuator in 4hp format), Scale-Polarize-Offset (SPO), Spectrum VCO with a sawtooth waveform + 8 waveforms (6 simultaneous outputs), 8-octave switch, LFO and FM modes), Tool-Box with 6 useful synth utilities, Ultrafold and VC Mini Slew.

Monolith appeared to be the most outstanding invention of the power couple. Monolith is a full-featured modular system interfaced with a keyboard. A modular system can be frightening, if you’re not familiar with it. The monolith will make it possible to create any sound that only comes to mind at the professional level thanks to the intuitive use of the instrument and the "express" getting-to-know process, meeting all the fundamental concepts of traditional modular patching. The system includes the already existing modules of SSF/WMD co-production: 2 Spectrum oscillators, pole zero filter, 2 ADSRVCA, Amplitude Discrete VCA, S.P.O. Scaling Polarizer and Offset, Ultrafold wavefolder, Blender 4-channel mixer, Quad Attenuator, Toolbox auxiliary module, Mini Slew generator, LVLS module, Keyscan aftertouch module, velocity sensitivity and MIDI in/out/thru.