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WMD is hardware device manufacturer making modular synthesizers, guitar pedals, and also other standalone units. The main task of the developers is, of course, quality, and at the same time multifunctionality and universality.

However the founders consider themselves not as developers but as artists who’re really into music and make products that they would totally enjoy themselves. They launched a serious testing process during which potential products are provided to their own employees who check the units and hope the products to be a success because their tracks, work and overall career depends on the quality of their products as well as other musicians’ creativity depends on them - they go with these instruments on tour, they record, give concerts and don’t return the devices until they prove their impeccable proficiency.

In addition to its own product line WMD offers production, design and distribution services to many companies in the synthesizer and effects industry. The brand's activities cover the full production path from the schemes to the final assembly: plans and designs of printed circuit boards, transition from "thru-hole" technology to surface mounting (SMT, surface mount technology), automated SMT process, final assembly, testing and quality assurance, storage and distribution, demo versions of products and video demos, engineering.

Among the WMD devices there’s an impressive number of Eurorack modules (such as the Aperture filter, Geiger Counter module based on the flagship guitar pedal or the powerful dual filter called Micro Hadron Collider), as well as modules together with SSF brand (for example, a 4-channel mixer and a voltage controlled Blender crossfader or TOOL-BOX which is a collection of 6 useful things for the synthesizer).

WMD loves its guitar effect units and perhaps because of this scrupulous attitude their list consists of only 6 models one of which is the iconic Geiger Counter – it has a stripped down version called Geiger Counter Civilian.

Geiger Counter ofers hundreds of impressive sounds, a powerful preamplifier and an 8-bit computer which helps to create sounds from subtle tube overdrive, lo-fi aliasing to an incredible level of amplification, the effect of in the digital data "gross errors" and piercing sculptural noise.

Together with the SSF company the brand created a Monolith synthesizer - a system that functions as a module and performs like a keyboard. Unlike other intimidating modular systems, Monolith, according to the creators, is both a professional instrument and an accessible device for beginners.