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About 40 years Schecter has been into music business growing into a solid instrument maker producing electric guitars and basses, acoustic guitars, and USA Custom Shop instruments. Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, The Cure, Papa Roach, Seether, Prince, Stone Temple Pilots, Nevermore and Black Label Society are or ever been in the list of the users.

David Schecter founded Schecter Guitar Research in 1976. It was a shop for instrument repair: guitar necks and bodies, complete pickup assemblies, bridges, tuners, potentiometers and so on. Till the end of the 70s the Californian shop was busy supplying guitar parts to other manufacturers but in 1979 David assembled his own models which were considered to be premium ones and just a few retailers agreed to cooperate. Anyway the high price didn’t scare away popular musicians who became the main target of the super quality brand - Pete Townshend, Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore were among those who tried and liked Schecter products.

In 1983 Schecter was purchased by Texas investors and moved to Dallas. Fortunately, the quality didn’t suffer and Schecter kept the brand’s name. A year later at the NAMM ’84 there were 12 guitars demonstrated by the company. Pete Townshend model grew into a hit product. Though Pete Townshend has never claimed to be an endorser that guitar reminded of the instruments he used to play.
“That guitar” was named Saturn, which had a T-style headstock, while another famous S-style model got called Mercury.

In 1986-1987 the company had to cease operating, in 1987 giving its rights to the current owners. Hisatake Shibuya brought the production back to California and focused on the high end product manufacturing. Schecter reputation was so unshakable that even severe market falls and rises couldn’t make a fool out of the brand. Only few retailers were brave enough to distribute expensive custom models and in 1995 at Sunset Custom Guitars the story of the company took a turn. Michael Ciravolo who was working there became Schecter's president and began to run the company. It happened in 1996 and before that the brand had already put into production impressive premium S Series guitars, including bass guitars. That’s when endorsement finally streamed into Schecter business: Michael invited Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Jay Noel Yuenger and Sean Yseult of White Zombie, and Xavier Rhone of Carbon Nation to collaborate. Avenger, Hellcat, and Tempest models manifested the new era for Schecter sporting little in common with Fender. Anyway Ciravolo was close to shift the production into masses. In 1997, Michael Ciravolo met with several Asian guitar manufacturers at the Tokyo Music Festival and subsequently decided on a factory located in South Korea. The Diamond Series, which included six non-custom guitars, i.e. finally affordable, was demonstrated at NAMM show in 1998. The seven string A-7 Avenger joined the series – which is still in production - in 1999. A bit later C-1 model was introduced.

In 2012 the brand decided on going back to the roots. The "USA Production Series” – built in USA - was premiered at NAMM 2013. Along with the announcement of the USA Production Series, Schecter announced their introduction into the amplification market. "Hellraiser USA 100", "Hellraiser Stage 100", "Hellwin USA 100", and the "Hellwin Stage 100" were produced with the help of an experienced amp designer James Brown.