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Roli brand was created by a team of professionals in completely different disciplines, those who want to develop the musical instruments of the future, those who’re not scared of the digital era abuse, of all the pluses it actually brings to you.

Seaboard, a music device which was released in 2013 and won many awards, has forced many to look at the keyboard in a new way: the black and white keys have been replaced by a continuous touch-responsive surface that combines the means of expression of different instruments in one interface.

Since then, the line of hardware and software made by Roli has expanded. The main goal of the developers was the desire to search for new expressive means, whether it is their NOISE application or Equator software. The company is passionate about digital processes, captivating not only the musical but also the world which surrounds us, willing to bring some basic features of the digital era into the trends of the music market.

Nevertheless, despite being technologically revolutionary, ROLI tools are quite intuitive in use, allowing a beginner to understand the principle of the device's operation with no help, and also to enjoy the process of creating music.

The developers of the company consider the portability and looks of their creations important enough – it’s easy to create music with Roli instruments, even if you are not at home or not in the studio, and the sophisticated design will be able to inspire and drag you to the work with the device.

Seaboard instruments offer a tactile interface that allows people to interact physically with sound just as the developer interacts with it during manufacturing and assembly of materials. Digital innovations are not only about programming, but also about the ultra-precise contact, about the touch nuances and active communication with the instrument.

Seaboard Block is a powerful, compact controller that can work as a standalone unit or in a chain with other "blocks" in a modular BLOCKS system. A multi award winner, which was awarded for the advanced interface. The instrument operates on 5D Touch technology, includes 24 keywaves (two octaves), hundreds of sounds, integrates NOISE, Equator Player, BLOCKS Dashboard, MaxMSP, and also is a wireless and portable device.

Seaboard RISE is a MIDI controller of the next generation, ideal for stage or studio work. 25 keywaves, hundreds of sounds, 5-dimension touch control, allows operation via Bluetooth, integrates Equator, Strobe2, Bitwig 8-Track, compatible with music software, made of premium materials. There is also a version featuring 49 unique brand keywaves.

Seaboard GRAND changes your approach to synthesizers. The premium performance instrument of the new generation is based on the built-in Equator synth engine. 37 keywaves, "plug and play" concept, hundreds of sounds, 4-dimension touch control, compatible with music software, made of premium materials. There is also a stage version - Seaboard GRAND Stage, which includes 61 keys, and Seaboard GRAND Limited First Edition - 88 keys.

Blocks system comprises such instruments, as Lightpad Block, Live Block, Loop Block and Touch Block.

Lightpad Block plays beat or melody with its lively surface, illuminated by LEDs and offers many grid layout options, based on 5D Touch technology, designed for beginners and professionals, includes hundreds of sounds, is wireless, pocket size device, integrates NOISE , BLOCKS Dashboard, MaxMSP.