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Qu-Bit Electronix (Rare Waves Grendel)

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Patch cords and other modular synthesis control manipulations shouldn’t puzzle while the sound shouldn’t put you through technical analysis. Qu-Bit’s history started at Berkeley College of Music as a company opposing those synth makers who’re too much into technology part of the music. This situation on the music market kept on disappointing Qu-Bit founders who believed that the instruments should be nothing more than real instruments and generate first of all music. The developers, convinced that they’re right, got down to producing high quality devices with intuitive interface and, which is more important, not an engineering but a music functionality. Qu-Bit ensures us that their modules are made by musicians and meant for musicians.

Qu-Bit products are truly clever machine brains with the interface great for performing and far from that tedious setting and programming. Instead of imitating of everyone’s favorite synthesizers and effects Qu-Bit Electronix desired to find the new sound (as new as it physically possible), for example, making granular synthesis and panning of the surround sound more accessible and intuitive thanks to combination of digital signal processing and instinctive use of the instrument. Qu-Bit doesn’t hide any useful information and is always ready to share their circuitry publishing it for free.

In 2016 the brand presented 3 new modules at NAMM show: Chord – analog polyphonic oscillator with chord quality, inversion and sound control; Mixology voltage controlled mixer and Ana - an analog 2HP oscillator featuring simultaneous outputs, sync input and linear FM.

Recently the company has released a 4-channel pattern generator called Rhythm with voltage controlled parameters. The front panel has a genre selection knob (genres can be altered). Rhythm was created to shape different drum beat variations with no need to dive into thorough patching.

Among other products – a voltage controlled polyphonic sample-player Wave with a 64-sample memory and pitch control for each channel, it comes with a microSD card full of drums, synth sounds and other samples; quite multifunctional and powerful sequencer called Octone; Nano Rand allowing noise generation and random voltage generator in 4HP with an 8-bit microcontroller inside and the finest Eon (envelope, oscillator + noise source).