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Modor is an emerging synth manufacturer, the career of which started with NF-1 instrument, released in 2015, and was successfully continued by its small copy called NF-1m, released in 2017.

The development team positions itself as an enthusiastic synth-maker, contributing to the construction of a bright future of synthesizers. The company uses digital (DSP) technology, deciding to dedicate the brand to the world of digital sound.

Modor likes to experiment in an attempt to sculpture a completely new sound that could be the part of any genre of electronic music.
Modor NF-1 synthesizer is based on a digital signal processor, quite reminiscent of the classic virtual analog synthesizer, but Modor went further. The brand’s designers use the classic structure of virtual analog synthesizers with oscillators, filters and effects, with parameters that can be modulated with LFO and envelope generators. Each element was revised and reinvented from scratch through the prism of digital principles.

NF-1 includes a classic 12 dB resonant filter, as well as an amazing formant filter that you haven’t seen in similar instruments. In addition to the traditional sawtooth waveform, the synthesizer also extracts a lot of completely new modulatable noisy waves. The NF-1 architecture offers a classic delay effect, however, the brand ensures that each parameter has a sufficient number of editable options to create unique effects.

While the original Modor NF-1 is quite practical, but heavy enough, the NF-1m becomes an excellent alternative, which can get lost in hand luggage and noticed only when this device is needed. Modor decided to create a portable version of their commercially successful module, cutting not only the weight, but the price as well.

This solution resulted in fewer controls featured on the front panel. Modor NF-1m includes 7 context dependent controls, grouped within 15 editing pages, directly accessible with the help of 6 dedicated buttons. Just one press on the button - and the parameter settings are in front of you.

NF-1m also acquired new, more precise controls. Nearby there are two main knobs - DEF1 and DEF2. These rotary encoders allow the assignment of any parameters, thus allowing the preset of two parameters for each patch to ensure constant managing of the priority parameters. Thanks to these knobs, you can instantly access your favorite settings, no matter which editing page you are on.