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Livid Instruments was founded in 2004 by Jay Smith and Travis Redding. They focused their careers on electronic music and were among the first ones who promoted the popularization of controllers. Production is still based in Austin, Texas.

Livid is widely known for the development of standalone programs, all kinds of plug-ins and virtual instruments, and many controllers released by the brand have already moved to the "legacy" section but they were crucial steps in the development of the basic set of instruments which combine the entire previous experience. When Livid got on top it threw away the stepladder because it was no longer needed: it can be easily done with controllers (they would have never done such a thing to synthesizers).

The brand started with toy-like looks reminiscent of fantasy props: Code (32 encoders, 13 additional buttons, Ableton, Max/MSP, Properllerhead Reason and NI Traktor compatible), Ohm series (64 RGB, slightly more sophisticated: 81 buttons, 16 knobs, 8 faders and 1 crossfader), CNTRL:R (comprehensive integration with all popular platforms including Ableton Live (good in beat making), Traktor (remixes), as well as Bitwig Studio) and Alias 8 (which can also be used by VJs working with Arkaos Grand VJ and VDMX).

And now Livid suggests that we make the controller by ourselves. Builder series based on Brain v2 and Brain Jr. is intended for both experts and amateurs. The units feture buttons, knobs, encoders, pads, faders and other parts that can be configured in any way you like using only one board without the need for any “self-wiring”. Purchase complete Builder kits.

Dubspot, one of the leading electronic music schools, chose Livid for collaborative development of DS1, turning the classic mixing console into the digital platform thanks to MIDI control.

Livid compiled all its early products in a smart Base II. 32 sensitive pads with a tap response meeting your expectation give a fine aftertouch while playing other instruments. 9 touch sliders are instantly responsive, and the panel access to presets can reprogram the controller right off remapping and updating it in no time. Base II also promises to be extremely docile even if you integrate is with VJ software, such as Arkaos Grand VJ and VDMX.

Besides, Livid has released the world's first wireless pocket controller called Minim which was created so that you could compose music with your smartphone. Livid also came up with Guitar Wing which you need to attach to any electric guitar by communicating it wirelessly with Garage Band, Guitar Rig, Logic, Reason, Ableton. This controller supports Bluetooth LE MIDI Protocol addressed to Yosemite OS X and iOS 8 devices which proves its sweet bias in favor of Apple and Mac users. Anyway thanks to the USB port it will work with Windows.

It’s worth noting that Livid Instruments is seriously engaged in charity work within the 90 Foundation movement - an organization aimed at finding remedy for ALS (known as Lou Gehrig's disease). Jay Smith is a founder of the movement.