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Hexinverter is located in Montréal, Canada. The team gathered some passionate developers who are completely into electronic music.

Eastern Canada has its distinctive electronic music culture andall of the Hexinverter members have a lot in common – they all made music and now they all make music instruments. Today the company is focused on engineering Eurorack modules which would enlarge the scope of musicians’ creativity, give them some more devices which would add unique details. Any customer will enjoy the brand’s approach to classic technology and percussion synthesis.

The Eurorack line of modules offers the Jupiter Series: Jupiter Storm (a noise oscillator with its own tonal character), Galilean Moons (a dual voltage controlled function generator and VCA pair);

the Mutant Drums which represent optimized classic drum circuits both capable of some very classic percussion tones and modern ones that offer more flexibility than the vintage gear (CV functionality is completed with distortion circuits and external inputs), some of them: Mutant Machine (a dynamic analog percussion engine generating various types of drums, from 909-style snares and kicks, to tom-toms, claps, hihats and nearly any other effect you’re willing to have), Mutant Hot Glue (a powerful analog bus mixer with a simple yet powerful hi-fidelity compressor, and voltage controlled distortion);

Oscillators: VCNO (a noise oscillator, capable of producing full spectrum white noise);

Filters + Effects: Red Dragon (a 24dB/oct 4-pole low-pass filter built featuring a unique Soviet-era filter core; the character is dominant over precision), batteryACID (a unique voltage controlled analogue distortion module for musical synthesis based on the infamous MXR Distortion Plus guitar pedal which used to be applied for acid basslines processing);

as well as a utility module ACXsynth MIDI2CV.