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Graph Tech


Dave Dunwoodie used to like Gibson very much and he was also a skilled performer. And his first problem appeared to be a tremolo bar in a Fender Strat (a Gibson fan could have a problem with Fender guitars). During one of the performances he went out of tune which upset him a lot. It made him sad about the stage as well.

Dave began experimenting with guitar nuts designed to eliminate string binding. That’s when the first slippery nit was developed – it was much better than using a graphite one. Graph Tech Guitar Labs became famous thanks to innovative solutions for nuts, bridge pins and pickup systems. The company has its proprietory methods and patented techniques – the brand is a true professional in producing guitar parts. The reputation grew fast making musicians turn to Graph Tech to customize their instruments.

Dave always said that he envisioned a people-and service-orientated company that can turn on a dime and respond to their customers' needs. The success was significant due to producing revolutionary details, new concepts and not relying on manufacturing same parts already presented on the guitar market. Graph Tech products are factory installed worldwide on Carvin, Furch, Gibson, Godin, Guild, Larrivee, Martin, Raimundo, Schecter, Taylor, Tom Anderson, Warmoth, Washburn, Yamaha, and many others. Graph Tech Guitar Labs is proud to claim that their customers who once tried their products never searched for something else. The brand does what it promises.

Graph Tech can offer a selection of nuts, acoustic saddles, electric sadles, bridge and end pins, picks, bridges, machine heads, some hand care and essential electronics.