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Artie Cabasso, Gemini CEO, is sure that history has always been an essential part of Gemini culture.

Since 1974, the development team has been designing innovative products for DJs, musicians, sound contractors and professional installers around the world.

Gemini believes its main goal is the development of equipment that is of the greatest value for DJs and the market of professional audio devices. For more than 40 years, the company's employees have been involved in analyzing the trends of the music industry, carefully studying the requirements of customers and the situation on the market. The company has always had special respect for the potential of the DJ segment. It was this niche that helped not only the brand to stand firmly on its feet, but also the DJs to achieve significant success and recognition among musicians, attracting the increasing interest in their role in the world of music as artists and performers. Success brings consistent development. DJ revolution in the music world will always be the part of Gemini’s history. Today, the brand offers innovative products for DJs, musicians, engineers, contractors and installers in the music industry. All over the world, professionals use affordable and reliable Gemini equipment.

The company divides its products into two segments - DJ and Pro Audio. The brand impresses with its diversity and multi-purpose orientation. Among the DJ products, it's worth mentioning such fully-represented categories as controllers, media controllers, media players, DJ mixers, turntables, headphones, cases; the company also offers speakers, equalizers, amplifiers, studio monitoring equipment and a number of software products.

Slate 4 - 4-channel Slim Serato DJ Intro Controller - features full-function decks (pitch fader, key-lock, effect knobs), offers 4 mixing channels, two sets of pads (8 per deck) in a thin yet sturdy design. Slate 4 will provide a dynamic and reliable control in the case, which you will not be afraid to take with you wherever you go.

G4V - 4-channel Virtual DJ Controller. With the professional sound of a 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface and all the necessary inputs/outputs, you can monitor, record and play tracks, limiting yourself only to your own imagination. Assigned FX controls will help you to achieve immediate results the very first time you use the device, however, you can easily adapt your G4V to any of your favorite DJ applications, having assignable MIDI controls. The G4V turns a standard DJ MIDI device into an impressive software performance controller. 2 full-featured decks offer comprehensive control over 4 virtual software decks. 16 multifunctional pads and a number of assignable encoders will allow you to switch, knock and twist your mix as you please.

FirstMix Pro is an advanced USB MIDI DJ controller with a sound card. FirstMix Pro interacts with a PC or MAC via USB, and the comprised MixVibes Cross LE becomes a nice complement to the FirstMix device sporting integrated iTunes search, automatic BPM detection and manual/automatic beat loop capabilities.

Among the mixers, it is worth highlighting such units as: PS4 - professional 5-channel, 12.5" DJ mixer and RMX5 - 5-channel, 19" DJ mixer.

RMX5 has truly convincing qualities, becoming a good solution for DJs, club owners and sound installers who want to please their rack systems with a premium mixer. The RMX5 boasts an impressive connectivity range that includes 6 line inputs, 2 convertible phono/line RCA, jacks, Master, Record and Zone RCA outputs for connecting external devices such as amplifiers or recorders, 3 microphone inputs. Alter the sound with volume faders, gain controls and a 3-band equalizer per each channel.

Cabasso located Gemini Speaker Systems in a 4,000-square-foot building in Brooklyn, New York. He designed and manufactured his first line of affordable, aluring and great-sounding speakers. Since then, Gemini has been producing one of the best sound gear in the Pro Audio segment.

The brand loudspeakers embrace 6 series, including DRS, ES, RS, GVX, GSM and GT lines. The DRS series offers an incredibly high-quality sound thanks to a high-performance and precise Class-D amplifier. This rather new design among the amplification developments has been successful and has been appreciated by many professionals - Class-D routes the entire sonic stream directly to the transducers, avoiding signal loss due to heat dispersion, as it happens to the signal in other amplifiers. Class-D technology is also responsible for zero distortion at any volume level. Class-D circuits react quickly to signals, providing instant transients and transmitting each and every sonic nuance with maximum clarity and authenticity.

The Pro Audio section also features portable MS series amplifiers, sound recording devices (DRP-1), studio monitoring (HSR-1000, SR Series Monitors), wireless systems (UHF series).