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The Austrian company offers a number of unique modules with a brand design concept.

Furthrrrr Generator: 30 HP format, analog signal - module features traditional generating based on additive synthesis, multi-turn frequency knobs (10 octaves), oscillator tuners are in a constant working process, 2 discrete oscillators with triangular waveform with hard and soft synchronization, deep metal tones from light whistles to mysterious noises. Together with Terminal or Grand Terminal the module creates a powerful 2-operator modular FM synthesizer.

Grand Terminal: 26 HP format, 2 voltage-controlled gates with 8 modes of the resonant filter (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb), allowing stereo or sequential combination and offering individual volume and pan settings, cabin pressure processor with 8 cabin fever effects , dual voltage-controlled AD/AR/looping envelope generator with voltage-controlled slope shapes - from EXP to LIN and LOG, dedicated stereo and mono headphone outputs, simple update process via USB.

Cockpit: 6 HP format, 4-channel stereo mixer, which allows you to connect iPad, drum machine, studio synthesizer and mp3 player, mixing them together with the rest of the modular equipment. 2 send/return channels for using the iOS device as an FX processor (via 4 pin TTRS connector), onboard compressor with external sidechain CV option for adding dynamics to the mix, stereo output for speakerphone or headphones.

Shuttle Control: 12 HP format, USB-MIDI-CV converter with 16 assignable channels, 120 MHz ARM Cortex ™ -M3 CPU, internal power supply, rechargeable battery or 12-20V AC-DC adapter. The device does not require drivers for direct connection to MAC / PC or iOS devices, supports up to 8 polyphony voices, polyphonic aftertouch, no-step CC voltages, MIDI clock, Tap clock, Tap LFO, bi-directional USB-MIDI transfer and other MIDI events can be converted to CV . You can edit presets with a web MIDI editor right in your web browser. Update via USB.

Gateway: 10 HP format, provides access to deeper control of the Terminal and Grand Terminal, expanding the management of envelopes and allowing them to be used as oscillators. The device offers enhanced tuners with advanced autotune algorithm, dual auxiliary 1 + 1 attenuverting mixer with DC offset shift.

Shuttle Mate: 6 HP format, links MIDI and USB MIDI flows to one MIDI/USB MIDI stream, works perfectly with Shuttle Control, powered by USB.

And, of course, Terminal: 26 HP format, dual AD/AR/looping voltage-controlled envelope generator with voltage-controlled slope shapess from EXP to LIN and LOG, controlled by optocoupler double gate with universal connectors, voltage-controlled cabin pressure effect, stereo headphone output with voltage-controlled panning. Terminal can be expanded with Terminal Xpander, which will reveal the hidden functions of the tool.