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It could seem a toy, but the unique way of playing along with the classical synth sound and surprisingly small size turned a frivolous device into a popular machine among professional musicians, becoming a significant figure in the history of musical instruments.
Invented in 1968 by Brian Jarvis, co-founder of Dubreq Studios, Stylophone became one of the best-selling musical instruments of all time - in the 1960s and 1970s, three million devices were sold, as well as about one million units has been shipped since the instrument was reissued in 2007.

Stylophone was devised as a low-cost variant of a keyboard - the keys were replaced by a plated circuit board touch pads, making music not a subject of learning, but an object of entertainment.

The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Queen, Vangelis, The Osmonds loved to use Stylophone in their compositions, and in 1969 David Bowie used the instrument in his Space Oddity.

Dubreq Ltd was founded in Britain, devoting itself to creating attractive products in the musical instruments segment as well as taking its niche in the toy industry.

Having become famous thanks to Stylophone, Dubreq Ltd was reorganized in 2003, correlating with the concept the company adopted in the 60-70’s.

Stylophone became a real cult in Britain, Europe and the USA - an amusing instrument contributed to the most serious achievements.
Dubreq began its activity in the 60's as a dubbing and recording studio cooperating with the film industry. Hence there’s its name - Dub/Rec; this inscription could be found on all sound recording devices of that time.

Stylophone was released numbering several versions, including a larger model 350S (1970s), and in the early 80's the company closed.
Ben Jarvis, the son of the Stylophone inventor, resumed the brand's activity under the name Dubreq Ltd in 2003. Bowie's words that Stylophone was the only instrument he took with him on vacation to compose has made an indelible impression on Ben, pushing him to re-issue the cult device.

In 2006 Stylophone became an independent brand, producing replicas of the original instrument. Stylophone S1 was released as a classic version, in 2009 it was followed by the release of Stylophone Beatbox. In 2012 Dubreq Ltd got Stylophone back home, as soon as the license of the independent brand was over. In 2013, a new version came out - Stylophone S2, again under the brand name Dubreq, a professional analog synthesizer comprising a dual oscillator.

Today, the company's business, once again made famous by the release of the improved Stylophone, continues to thrive under the direction of John Simpson, brand’s manager.