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Cyclone Analogic

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French company Cyclone Analogic presents such instruments, as TT-303 Bass Bot, TT-606 Drum Drone and TT-78 Beat Bot, as well as advantageous offers for the purchase of bundles.

TT-303 Bass Bot is a 100% analog clone of the famous TB303, which includes many new features and offers an improved component design, suitable both for sound and ergonomics.

New features for Live jam, two new sequencer modes, adding CV/Gate outputs. The analog circuit, consisting of a single VCO, as well as an audio engine, have been improved comparing to the original version, giving the instrument voice a warm, groovy character thanks to the inclusion of the Shuffle function.

The interface of the device is intuitive; based on the architecture of the original instrument, the hardware offered new possibilities, such as Mute and Hammer, making the live jam more flexible and diverse.

The built-in sequencer offers 432 user patterns (64 steps per pattern), 108 preset patterns, 108 user patterns for the new Pattern Lab function, non-volatile memory. Adjust the swing/shuffle to add some amusement into groove, you can also adjust the gate length and slide time to create unique bass lines. The mute and hammer functions are available in recording mode as well as in real time mode: the steps processed by the mute sound shorter and less bright – it reminds of the effect of the palm mute technique. Two new modes for creating and editing parameters - Loop Edit and Pattern Lab, ensuring advanced control of the pattern generator. There is also a unique ARP mode - a powerful tool in creating expressive pattern variations. All parameters are controlled via MIDI CC.

As for the structure, TT-303 Bass Bot is built on the analog audio circuit. One VCO generates sawtooth and square waves. The connectivity is represented by CV/GATE/ACCENT/DYN SYNC/RUN - STOP/VCO outputs, allowing to control and sequence other synthesizers; 1 main mono output and 1 stereo headphone output. 1 input for integration of TT303 filter with other synthesizers and drum machines. 1 MIDI in/out.

TT-606 Drum Drone is the analog clone of the famous drum machine TR606. In addition to the new design and the emphasis on ergonomics of the device, the instrument included more controllers, configurable LEDs for more comfortable work with patterns. The sequencer includes 64 user patterns with 64 steps each, non-volatile memory, the ability to switch between recording and playback modes without interrupting the playing pattern, new Fill function that allows you to vary the pattern, Roll and Flam functions to add realism to the pattern, Nuances/Modulation for creating complex variations. Audio components include new clap and rim shot tools, making up a 9-instrument set; offers 7 individual outputs and 1 main mono output. Each instrument has its own volume control. Tone function allows you to change the sound of each instrument independently.

TT-78 Beat Bot is a clone of the well-known drum machine CR78. The device includes 64 user patterns with 64 steps each, non-volatile memory, the ability to control swing and shuffle, an individual mute switch for each instrument, the ability to save kits, and, in addition to the same new features, such as Fill, Roll, Flam, Nuances/Modulation functions, the device allows you to customize the kick, making it ideal for Hip Hop, R & B and Dub.