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Club of the knobs

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Club of the Knobs, often abbreviated as CoTK, is a modular synthesizer manufacturer based in Lisbon and unswervingly following its traditions in creating 100% analog products based on knowledge, imagination, accuracy, high-level skill and maximum dedication. The brand leaves no doubt in the perfectionism of the developers, ensuring the long life of its technically advanced hand-made products on the demanding market of the information age.

The CoTK team has representatives in the UK, Italy, France, Germany and, of course, Portugal where the final assembly and testing is supervised by the person who’s in charge - Kazike. The brand refers to the opinion of authorities (for example, listens to Dirk Brauner, the creator of the famous Brauner microphones, who admires the unique sound of CoTK modules) as much as to the indicators of the measuring mechanism.

According to the developers design can be considered ideal only when even at a distance, without access to actual tweaking, you can just have a look and hear every function of the synthesizer - their interrelation should be clearly visible on the “over-intuitive” control panel.
The brand's founders don’t want to imitate – they want to create believing that the desire to imitate was spawned with nothing else but the analog synthesis itself. CoTK compare an analog synth with a mammoth and they’re sure that the team managed to revive the epochal "beast" by equipping the prehistoric hero with modern proportions.

Club of the Knobs products are represented with more than 80 different modules, modular systems 35 and 55 (as well as custom-made systems), and also keyboards C 952 controller and Polyklavier.