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Bubblesound Instruments


It’s all about that vintage sound. Since many sincerely prefer the sound of vintage musical equipment, the brands decide to start developing devices that generate or emulate the full, rich sonic stream of synthesizers of the 60-70s, but do it with modern components and the latest relevant elements. Such a will, though, cuts prices in half, and also provides the production with profitable sources, but at the same time inevitably leads to the quality loss and bad treatment of those properties which were the crucial features of the authentic instrument. Quite often some indie companies have to come up with a compromised product.

Bubblesound instruments couldn’t accept this situation. The brand's developers are sure that choosing the path of least resistance means the use of original, authentic components, as only these parts are truly responsible for giving you the echo of the past, beckoning to the world of real music, where everything used to be so simple and clear. The company’s instruments are based on operational amplifiers and transistors of the 60-70s. We get the sound character intrinsic to such synths as Oberheim SEM, ARP 2600 and Korg MS-20, precisely due to the specificity of the components used in the original design of the instruments. Of course, developers who use "substitutes" for these components lose that character for which everything was actually deployed.

Among the company's products it is worth noting such modules as VCOb, based on the classical triangle waveform (there are also outputs for saw and pulse waves) and allowing absolutely analog tracking within up to 4-6 octaves; The SeM20 is a 2-pole state variable filter, schematically reminiscent of the Oberheim SEM filter, and also containing a resonance section taken from the MS20 grafted to bring that granular hue into the sound; CvWS - double waveform generator based on two waveshapers taken from the uLFO module - allows you to experiment with different inputs by adjusting the offset shape with the knob, while the CV control will work with the audio range and will take part in creating the FM effect; and many other modules, including dualSeM20, dlADSR, VCA4p and LvL+rm utility module.

The philosophy of the company is that there is nothing more important than a pure signal and its accurate production - this is the only way to achieve a deep, rich voice of classical synthesizers. Many of the brand's designs are based on a classic, ideologically expanded and technically deployed only in those ways that would maximize the naturalness of a real instrument, as well as help its potential come true, while preserving its character and sound.