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Boss is a guitar equipment manufacturer, i.e. the maker of stompboxes, multieffects, guitar synthesizers, recorders (BR-800 is a super compact studio featuring 8 tracks with sensor switches, built in effects, rhythm generator and etc.), rhythm machines, loop stations, tuners, metronomes and amplifiers (Waza, Katana).

Compact pedals in a stompbox format offer the wide selection of effects: distortion/overdrive (for example, BD-2 Blues Driver overdrive pedal with blues vintage tube amp effect, MT-2 Metal Zone with an extremely rich range of distortion, 3-band equalizer and powerful sustain or ML-2 Mega Distortion – a killer distortion pedal, one of the most dirty sounding ever created by Boss), delay/reverb (as RE-20 Space Echo – a dual pedal reviving Roland RE-201 Space Echo, TE-2 Tera Echo – stereo ambience effect beyond traditional delay and reverb operating on MDP, FRV-1 Fender Reverb – legendary sound of 1963 Fender Spring Reverb in a modern stompbox), pitch/modulation (SL-20 Slicer – dual pedal immediately transforming guitar, bass, keys or vocals into heart-beating groove instrument, TR-2 Tremolo – classic vintage amplifier tremolo in a modern compact pedal, RT-20 Rotary Ensemble – authentic rotary speaker sounds with the ability of unique overdrive and nervous effects), filter (CS-3 Compression Sustainer – pedal-compressor for sustain boost with no distortion applied, AW-3 Dynamic Wah – multifunctional automatic/sensitive wah with a few modes), acoustics (AD-3 Acoustic Instrument Processor – preamp/processor of effects for acoustic instruments), bass (SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer giving classic sound qualities of analog synthesizers with an enhanced power) and many others.

Multi effects offer the line of guitar effects processors (GT-1, GT-001, GT-100 – COSM station, multi effects processor with the innovative amplifier modeling, solid and good while touring) as well as ME-80 and ME-25 models.

Backing/rhythm devices segment will offer you eBand JS-10 and DR-3 Dr. Rhythm – affordable drum machine including best acoustic and electronic drum kits and bass sounds by Boss.

RC loop line stations offer such basic units as RC-1 with 12 minutes of stereo recording and 24-segment loop indicator and such elaborated devices as RC-505 featuring 5 simultaneous controllable stereo tracks with individual volume faders and a wide range of effects.

Boss also produces voice processors: VO-1 Vocoder, Vocal Performers VE-20 и VE-5, Vocal Harmonist VE-2 – vocal processing pedal with real time harmonics, high quality effects, pitch correction and USB audio as well as VE-1 Vocal Echo and VE-8 Acoustic Singer allowing you to perform live and providing you with the studio level voice and acoustic guitar processing.