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Audio Damage company started to produce instruments in 2002 hoping that contributes to the electronic music market as proudly as other manufacturers willing to help creative musicians. Brand launches experimental plugins for DAW as well as powerful hardware sequencers.

Among hardware instruments made by the company there is a decent ADM06 Sequencer 1 – a Eurorack sequencer for simultaneous control of 4 voices, convenient both for studio and stage use, always open for updating and add-ons, featuring 4 banks x 16 64-step patterns and various alteration possibilities to play with pattern sequence and at the same time offering one knob per function concept. 1V/Oct, Hz/V and gate/inverse gate/S-Trig outputs prove that the unit is compatible with modern Eurorack and vintage analog synthesizers. We should also mention 3 tempo syncable LFOs offering more than 30 waveforms.

ADM10 Kompressor based on DSP buss compressor in Eurorack format with two operating modes: stereo and mono with sidechain. Kompressor tames master outputs, drum mix and thickens bass thanks to the same code developed by Audio Damage for its software products (including Rough Rider, Rough Rider Pro and Kombinat Dva).

ADM14 Boomtschak was created as a non-compromise hard-core versatile drum voice with a 100% analog signal. As a result the brand succeeded in building one of the most capable and attractive Eurorack drum synths ever. Boomtschak produces juicy kick and snare as well as amusing and complex percussion and FX sounds. The oscillator goes down to 5Hz and tracks 1V/Oct within a 7-octave range allowing you to use it not only as a drum but also a synth voice for creating cracking sub bass or accurate lead parts.

Another drum machine made by the brand is called Neuron based on FM and applicable for any electronic music genre featuring superfast envelope generators and operating with a wave which is actually a single-cycle 909 oscillator sample producing kick.
The most popular modules by Audio Damage considered to be ADM21 Aeverb Mk2, ADM17 Proton (replicating classic Karplus-Strong delay line adding low frequencies with «SUB» control), ADM16 DubJr Mk2, ADM15 Spectre for spectral soundscape creating and ADM11 Dimensions – stereo chorus effect with two algorithms for Eurorack modular systems.

Besides, the official website offers the whole selection of plugin effects and instruments putting some free downloads as well.