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The Italian brand Studiologic trade mark belongs to Fatar which is into developing high-tech and high quality keyboards supplying them to the leading manufacturers and produces its own MIDI controller series, electronic pianos, synthesizers (together with the biggest European developers), pedals, controllers and accessories for electronic musical instruments.

Fatar company was founded by Lino Ragni in 1956. Releasing its production including keyboards for digital pianos, organs and synthesizers brand was going to combine all the knowledge and experience concerning its scope and traditional features based on folklore. Year after year the company improved its experience and technologies constantly upgrading them and keeping up with the modern music world. In 1989 the company developed and patented a completely new keyboard with hammer action and introduced the conductive-rubber contact in 1990 which put the brand on the top. The main activity of the company is the release of electronic musical production (keyboards) which would totally imitate an acoustic musical instrument.

Acuna MIDI controller series by Studiologic combined two models: Acuna73, Acuna88 which differed in the number of keys. The keys featured a patented lightweight hammer action TP/100LR Premium Hammer Action by Fatar. The interface of the instruments features 5 sound control knobs, 2 pitch wheels and a built-in LCD which guarantees the convenient operating. Acuna series has iPad integration possibility to expand features and for samples upload. The keyboard of the instrument sports a 4-zone (programmable) split which ensures the nice tactile settings control.

SL MIDI controller series is characterized by Magnetic Rail System technology onboard to make the integration with other devices easier owing to special magnets allowing you to affix the device to one of the synthesizer panels. The instruments feature 88-note MIDI keyboard with hammer action keys by Fatar. SL88 GRAND model comprises keys featuring Ivory Touch technology by Kawai – a unique surface the distinctive feature of which is a special smoothness though it’s not slippery. The instruments offer memory for 100 user presets, MIDI jacks as well as an LCD for easy sound parameters setting.

Studiologic VMK series included such MIDI controllers as VMK 88Plus, VMK 188Plus, VMK 176Plus, VMK 161Plus Organ, VMK 161Plus with different keyboard versions. The reduced number of keys (88 – 76 and 61) let the instruments become more affordable for the wide circle of musicians and made Studiologic production more compact and suitable for taking it in tour. The instruments offer 30 user presets and a weighted keyboard with hammer action.

Numa series included Numa Concert electric piano, Numa Stage piano, Numa Compact portable synthesizer and electric Numa Organ 2. Numa Concert instrument is first of all a professional piano for live performance featuring Graded Hammer Action based on Ivory Touch technology. The model has a 128-voice polyphony, 12 timbres and 50 user presets. Electronic musical instrument Numa Stage features True Sound sonic flow generating technology which imitates masterly authentic acoustic instrument. It sports all the basic specs intrinsic to Numa Concert but also features a MIDI section for two independent MIDI zones control in keyboard split mode. The series includes a more affordable and portable model good for beginners and professional musicians – Numa Compact featuring 10 timbres and a 128-voice polyphony. Numa Organ 2 model has a 73-note organ type keyboard and 7 organ sound models. The sound synthesis in the instrument is based on physical modeling.

Sledge synthesizers were developed in cooperation with the famous German company Waldorf which supplied Studiologic with the synth engine. These are virtual analog synthesizers with 999 factory presets and Layer mode possibility as well as two sounds simultaneous playback. Sledge has a 5-octave (61-note) TP/9 or TP/9S series keyboard, 8-, 16- or 24-voice polyphony (depending on a version), 3 OSCs (Open Sound Control), arpeggiator of high quality and which is important for many musicians wide range of front panel control possibilities – everything is at hand. In the second version the synthesizer was improved – the polyphony was expanded, new synth engine options were added (sampling, legendary PPG wavetables), keyboard enhanced. Sledge is one of the best bargains among virtual analog synthesizers if we take into account its price and specification rendered.

Fatar company keeps on providing various keyboard types for the most popular brands on the world music market as well as developing its own musical instruments. The production of the company was approved and highly valued by musicians who claim it to be the perfect quality/price ratio example. And though the company’s turnover is not so huge and there are no more than a hundred of employees working for the brand we know who makes the best keyboards!