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Need A Groove Box, Sampler, Sequencer Or/And Synth - Buy Synthstrom Deluge

Need A Groove Box, Sampler, Sequencer Or/And Synth - Buy Synthstrom Deluge

Deluge workstation is a flagship Synthstrom Audible product which was released as a result of painstaking and diligent work. Since it was announced last time the instrument sticking to “all in one” kind of approach has been a little bit elaborated. Besides, there were some videos made which can guide users in order to ensure the employing of possibilities offered by Deluge to the fullest.

Synthstrom DelugeSynthstrom Deluge generates its sounds thanks to FM and subtractive synthesis combination. Deluge’s polyphony is limited by the computing abilities of the built-in processor – 64 sampler voices and 48 synth ones. The sequencing is limited by RAM but actually it can produce several thousands of notes.

Ultimate version of Deluge differs from the previous one in the number of pads featuring twice as many RGB pads (16x8) with the help of which you control the whole instrument. Parameters are extremely powerful and entirely adjustable sporting the needed number of control knobs. The peculiarity of the amber studs is in their “immutable” function – while other knobs allow changing the settings and parameters completely these amber studs keep the original settings in Song View. The instrument let you save up to 16 initial settings.

Deluge offers 64 MB RAM for 12-minute samples upload (of CD quality). The developers noted that Deluge is going to come with the libraries featuring samples made by major musicians, plus you’ll have an opportunity in time to extend this list. The set of effects features: delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrushing, sidechain effect, live stutter and many others.

As for the MIDI implementation of the instrument – it supports up to 16 MIDI channels for polyphony simultaneously and CV outputs to control external devices.

Watch some videos below and get acquainted with the instrument exploring the depth of its abilities (just don’t get drowned!)

The first part will introduce you to "Track View", "Song View" shows the creative process and some sample playback functions.

The main hero of the second part is Sound Editor and all the sampling possibilities as well as matrix settings.

The third video will let you know the details about the integration between Deluge and other instruments.

Short videos demonstrate some improvisation with noise applying, sample use, texture layering and will guide you showing how to work with tones.

We must mention that Deluge is assembled manually that’s why we get only limited edition. The instrument will be available at an old price – you can order the unit for $780 till 25 November, 2016, but after there’s supposed to be an abrupt price shoot up – it will cost a few hundreds more and you’ll have to wait for 4 more months.

Published: 22:30 24.11.2016
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