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Yamaha Japan introduces a singing keytar

Yamaha Japan introduces a singing keytar

Yamaha demonstrates a funny toy for the Japanese. A singing keyboard or rather a singing keytar. Vocaloid VKB-100 instrument architecture is built on Yamaha’s virtual vocalist technology. You can check some videos featuring this peculiar machine.

Karaoke vocalists might lose their job – in the hands of a professional Vocaloid will deliver any tune with lyrics assisting you in your will to sing.

VKB-100 provides us with few details on its website. Although do we need more specs? It’s an instrument which will make you busy and highly focused on producing notes and vocalizing making the keytar pronounce the lyrics at the same time.

The instrument comes together with an onboard singing voice library pre-uploaded at the factory. You can add up to 4 vocalists to sing along (“Hatsune Miku” “Megpoid” “IA” “Yukari Yuzuki”). In order to do that connect your Vocaloid to your tablet or smartphone and use a dedicated application.

Tags: Yamaha, Vocaloid VKB-100, keytar, virtual vocalist technology

Published: 18:30 20.09.2017
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