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Quantum - The New Hybrid Synth By Waldorf

Quantum - The New Hybrid Synth By Waldorf

A small but definitely a cult German company Waldorf has announced its new flagship instrument at Musikmesse 2017 – Waldorf Quantum. It's an 8-voice hybrid synthesizer which takes after the legendary Wave – Quantum sports its best features: digital oscillators and analog filters thanks to which we get this matchless sound. It’s truly irreplaceable and full of rare features such as granular synthesis and resonators in addition to oscillators.

Waldorf Quantum

The Waldorf Quantum bitimbral synthesizer uses three digital oscillators per voice featuring a much wider waveform selection than analog oscillators do - besides basic waveforms, Quantum operates with wavetables, granular synthesis and resonator synthesis. Each main oscillator has a dedicated LFO.

Waldorf features its classic signal path: generated waveforms are processed by a couple of analog resonant filters and then go through analog amplifiers. To adjust the sound shaping details you can use up to 6 allotted envelope generators, 1 global multi envelope generator and a digital effect processor.

Waldorf Quantum offers a quite thorough and easy to use interface providing us with that standard concept “one function per button”, big color high resolution display and a touch screen (!) which Waldorf has never featured before. As for the keyboard – Quantum incorporates a 5-octave Fatar keybed with aftertouch.

The video below is one of those featuring the new Waldorf synth as a super hit on its way to thrill the market. It may not beat all its competitors but it surely reminds of those tremendous PPG Wave and Waldorf Wave instruments. This synth has been waited for such a long time many of us began to think it would be something unreal if it actually happens. And what we see – in the end of this year it’ll appear on the shelves. Although now it’s time to save up some money because Quantum will cost us about $3000 (at least).

Published: 22:26 05.04.2017
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