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Tiptop Audio And Its New Sample Player ONE

Tiptop Audio And Its New Sample Player ONE

Tiptop Audio released its new affordable sample player for Eurorack modular synthesizers and it’s called ONE. This low latency device (a delay as low as 0.25ms) provides a playback of monophonic sounds up to 24 bit 96kHz uploaded on a SD card. It comes with the library from Glitchmachines, famous sound engineers, which makes it easier to get familiar to the new product.

TipTop Audio ONE

Tiptop Audio ONE is different from other sample players since it processes digital signal as a continuous electric flux – something which reminds us of analog instruments. The fact that it’s a low latency sample player (highly responsive) adds up to its great compatibility with Tiptop percussive modular system and to the feeling that you work with an analog machine.

ONE uses widely known SD cards to store the data. The company has already equipped it with one card loaded with 60 sounds designed by such professionals as Glitchmachines (VCTRS). You might want to purchase other libraries as well (KERNL, PERC, HYBRD, BENT, SBSTRT) carrying up to 256 samples each. ONE lets you insert your own libraries which makes it a really versatile device and set your imagination free.

There are a few modes in ONE to process CV input signals which come through an assignable multifunctional jack. Pitch is the basic adjustable parameter and it offers 2 kinds of control – Free pitch which is for fine tuning of the playback and is quite good if you need a slight vibrato or some tape effects; Quantized pitch which maps CV to the classic 12 tone system over 3.5 octaves and seems perfect for harmonious component of music.

TipTop Audio ONE & Glitchmachines samples

Despite the fact that ONE module was planned to be a machine for drum samples playback and a unit to integrate with Tiptop Audio percussive system its high quality and low latency make it suitable enough for any other module or system. Sample playback is CV manageable so it allows to alter the sound any possible way.

According to Modular Grid Tiptop Audio ONE module will cost $175.

Published: 11:21 24.02.2017
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