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Biggest synth orchestra - A [for 100 cars]

Biggest synth orchestra - A [for 100 cars]

Ryoji Ikeda, an audiovisual artist, arranged an unprecedented show scheduled for October 15 within the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles 2017. “The world’s biggest synthesizer orchestra” comprised 100 cars singing out 100 A’s – A [for 100 cars] is the name of the performance.

100 Car Symphony

Tatsuya Takahashi, who used to be known as Korg’s chief engineer, designed synths – 100 of them as you might guess - to get them interacted with powerful car audio systems (5,000W to 40,000W). Not only was the parking roof dotted with the stunning lowriders, it actually pealed with all the different kinds of A’s ever generated – the notes would reproduce the famous instrumental voices at various frequencies. The synthesizers roaring and blaring from the open cars delivered the purest sine waves – every car owner had a fixed time and a certain way of triggering this or that octave for playing the right A.

Any who attended or where near Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles could watch and hear the surreality depicted as some concept art installation on the verge of an art statement: a few more seconds and you’ll feel the suspense strikes you. One hundred cars are looking at you with headlights and speaking with you in a sine voice.

But the main heroes of the performance became the custom made sine wave synthesizers developed by Tatsuya Takahashi.

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Published: 02:42 21.10.2017
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