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First International Synthesizer Day Synth City Coming May 23

First International Synthesizer Day Synth City Coming May 23

Synth City, an international synthesizer day, is going to take place on Tuesday, May 23. According to the event managers the concept of the Day is in celebrating the synthesizer contribution to the music world. Synth City welcomes anyone willing to visit.

You can enjoy Synth City online from WWFM – Gilles Peterson (London), Teder.FM (Tel Aviv), Dublab (LA). More to be announced.
The managers noted that the contribution of synthesizers is beyond the world of musical instruments. When synthesizers entered the market they changed the way we perceived music and instruments, broke the limits offering new methods of creating and added the huge selection of possibilities and sound generating technics.

Synthesizer affected the whole generation shaping absolutely new music personalities. It promoted the creation of music making it accessible to all those willing to compose.

It was also emphasized that the first attempts to achieve a synthesized sound didn’t come out very well. Everything changed when an engineer whose name was Robert Moog took an electric keyboard and turned it into some other musical instrument. In 1964 he showed the public his version of the modular synthesizer. This made Robert Moog a real hero who contributed the whole new phenomenon to the world of music.

To pay tribute to Robert the Synth City day was organized exactly on his birthday – the birthday of a man who introduced us to a synth - May 23.

This day the whole world will celebrate the birth of the instrument which will reconcile and amalgamate cocky modern industry and old good times full of respect, will push the musical development to the next level and bring novelty and variety to the world of music.

Besides Robert Moog’s achievements, Synth City will also celebrate many other works, minds and feelings of such people as Herbie Hancock, Bruce Haak, Aphex Twin, Delia Derbyshire, Susan Ciani, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk.

Synth City managers believe that working together with music lovers from all over the world they can make this day especially significant – it would surely inspire other musicians and engineers to get on the highest level of developing and surpass the progress made by their ingenious predecessors.

Click the official event Facebook page to find out more information about the participants.

Published: 18:23 12.05.2017
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