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Order RT-311 Swarm Oscillator Today

Order RT-311 Swarm Oscillator Today

Jörg Schaaf announced that one of his latest designs called RT-311 – an advanced digital multi oscillator in the Eurorack format – is on sale. RT-311 includes up to 16 oscillators which are running simultaneously and can be controlled by tweaking the encoders and LFO or in a classic modular-like manner – by external CV signals.

RT-311 Swarm Oscillator

The essence of the module created by a German engineer and sound designer Jörg Schaaf is that the interpolation is possible between the parameter snapshots – RT-311 features 8 snapshots per memory setup (the module stores up to 8 memory setups). They can be interpolated by using internal sources (built-in LFO, for example) or an external control voltage while the LFO can also be controlled with an external source which may modify the oscillator settings as well. The interpolator even features an external output so you can affect the parameters of the modules with which you’d like to integrate your RT-311.

All the RT-311 oscillators result in a “swarm” of voices transforming and mutating in real time. There are 2 main digital oscillators (“swarms”) available comprising up to 16 currents in total the pitch of which can be detuned by a dedicated encoder. These swarms can be pitched in musical intervals, chords, clusters or you can achieve a real lush sound applying a thick dose of detune. The swarm tuning user settings can be stored into the snapshots – that’s how you get up to 8 different variations which can be altered while performing.

Both swarms have their own outputs so you can use them as separate voices. The inputs run with v/oct scaling and they may be quantized to musical scales – it gives you the opportunity to control the swarm with the help of an analog modular step sequencer.

The RT-311 Swarm Oscillator priced at $659 is available for order.

Published: 08:47 24.03.2017
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