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Roland features new performance keyboards: V-Combo VR-730 and V-Combo VR-09-B

Roland features new performance keyboards: V-Combo VR-730 and V-Combo VR-09-B

Roland has two new products to offer – V-Combo top-quality keyboards. V-Combo VR-730 is a portable 73-key instrument with the onboard classic sounding organs and electric pianos including a selection from RD-2000 Stage Piano. As well as V-Combo VR-09-B it will provide you with the three sections of crucial tones for your performance comprising the Roland’s best of organs, acoustic/electric pianos and synth engines.

You’re ensured to get the smart user interface and a quick access front panel. Both keyboards are a nice choice for professional musicians not willing to bother themselves with vintage combo organs, electric pianos and rotary speakers.

Extract some traditional organ techniques with the help of the semi-weighted waterfall keyboard. You can play fast passages, percussive attack expressions, and soft glissandos thanks to Quick Firing feature. The unit is portable enough and can be battery powered. You get 7 simultaneous effects: rotary, delay, reverb, tone, overdrive, compressor, and MFX. Roland’s latest Virtual Tone Wheel Organ engine emulates authentic organ voice with all the nuances. There are three rotary effects which will help you to achieve the desired sound: Tin Rotary to get a deeper sonic feel, ring modulator for more dynamics and a tube-style overdrive for grainy sound shape. To generate even more refined piano instruments add some phaser, tremolo, touch wah, and tape delay and for producing the grand piano there’s an 88-note stereo multi-sampling presented.

VR-730 is filled with Roland’s classics, analog fat sonorous sounds including JUNO strings and JUPITER pads or D-50 cult synth from the 80s.

If you need a versatile instrument with high class sounds, VR-09-B would seem a perfect option. Battery powered and weighing 5,5 kilos it allows you to take it anywhere. A 61-note synth-action keyboard features same sound sculpting sophistication offering 7 simultaneous effects, Virtual Tone Wheel technology with 3 rotary effects, SuperNATURAL Synth Sounds from vintage to modern brand’s classics.

Once again some essential features:

  • Instant access to organ, piano, and synth sounds via dedicated panel sections
  • Seven simultaneous effects with dedicated real-time controls
  • Sufficient selection of SuperNATURAL Synth tones
  • Three onboard rotary effects, including a newly developed rock rotary type
  • Upgraded Virtual Tone Wheel Organ technology

You can also expand the onboard sound library with free downloads from Roland’s Axial website.

The price may seem not very competitive - VR-730 will cost you USD1700, VR-09-B is priced at USD1400. But you will get one of the best sounding synth organs and nicely laid out front panel with physical drawbars.

Tags: Roland, D-50, V-Combo, VR-730, VR-09-B, combo organ, RD-2000 Stage Piano

Published: 15:56 13.09.2017
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