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Roland The Future Redefined 2017: New Guitar Products

Roland The Future Redefined 2017: New Guitar Products

The first day of the Roland’s show gave us 4 new percussion synthesizers based on the same principle but meant for different instruments. Together they make up a serious percussion ensemble. On the first day of summer the notorious Japanese corporation demonstrated the new BOSS MS-3 multipedal which included 4 switches with a set of effects. Besides, the popular Blues Cube Hot combo amp was revised – now it’s a British EL84 Modified (the first version featured quite an “American” character). There were also new elaborate audiovisual switchers which we won’t touch upon. You better read about the pedal and pads!


Get your own professional system producing top-notch effects with the new Roland’s pedalboard MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher. The device embraced a multi pedal switcher and an effect engine providing an amazing selection of sound capabilities. You’ll enjoy the light and compact housing and be surprised how many options it hides inside. MS-3 allows you to use up to 6 internal pedal effects simultaneously while adding up to 3 external ones ensuring smooth and balanced interaction. You’ll get a comprehensible rig control which will make the unit seem a strikingly successful replacement for simple loop switchers and other all-purpose effects engines. Tweak effects in real time, use MIDI devices, switch amp channels and keep on exploring its sonic capabilities.


SPD::ONE KICK provides you with a 4-knob control operating. There are 12 sound banks to choose from – you only have to put the bank selector in the right position to pick necessary sounds which can be esily customized: adjust volume or balance levels on the fly. The unit has a rugged metal housing. You can import your own sounds but the variety of internal ones won’t leave you upset – considering the quick tone and nuance adjustment the process of switching sounds between songs in your set gets even easier thanks to a few number of dedicated knobs.

Add some authentic percussion with the new Roland’s SPD::ONE PERCUSSION. Snare and kick drums, hi-hats, cymbals, shakers, tambourines – choose any of the 22 onboard sounds or import yours saving them onto one of the 12 sound banks. Again you’ve got 4 knobs to control your performance – change the sound, volume, balance and other parameters. The device will surely add some amusing textures to your percussion performance.

Perform with your own sounds and samples with the help of SPD::ONE WAV PAD. Connect the device to a PC or Mac and simply drag your WAV files. You’ll get to the playback as soon as the loading is done – in no time whether it’s a proper track or just a tiny sample. Control the threshold settings with the intuitive elements.

Bring some alterations with adding nice electronic sounds to your performance. With SPD::ONE ELECTRO you get 22 sounds to play with: juicy snares, breezy hand claps, electronic cowbells and many others. You’ll find your palette enriched significantly letting in some quirky sonic stream.

Don’t get scared away with pads’ seeming fragility – they’re sensitive but utterly solid.

Published: 21:18 01.06.2017
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