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Roland finally announces 4 new System-500 modules

Roland finally announces 4 new System-500 modules

There was the official announcement from Roland, they reported which 4 new modules will be included in the System-500 Analog Modular Synthesizer line, and also told about each of them. This will be a single synthesizer module - 510 Synth, a 5-in-1 module containing various modulation methods -  555 Lag/S&H, dual analog re-designed filter similar to the one in Roland SH-5 synthesizer in one module - 505 VCF, and 531 Mix - 6-channel modular mixer.

Roland, the leading japanese corporation of musical instruments, announced 4 new modules for the System-500 Analog Modular Synthesizer line.  This is a line of Eurorack format modules based on the previously released and widely known Roland System-700 and System-100m, which includes all the main modules (oscillators, filters, effects, etc.) needed to create a modular system. They were quite warmly received by customers and are in demand.

So, the new modules were: 510 Synth, 555 Lag/ S&H, 531 Mix and 555 VCF.

Roland System-500 510

510 Synth (20HP) is based on the 110 VCO/ VCF/ VCA module from the System-100m line and combines the best of the System-500, being a one-piece, single synthesizer module. It has an oscillator providing three basic waveforms (square, triangle, saw), a classic Roland multimode VCF (LPF/ HPF), and a voltage controlled amplifier. The module has several inputs for external audio signals and modulation, as well as outputs with Eurorack and a linear signal level for convenient interaction with other modules of this format, as well as with other devices. 510 Synth is designed to work without cables and, according to the representative of the company, suitable for beginners and for those who want to make a characteristic for Roland sound in their setup.

Roland System-500 555

555 Lag / S & H is a five-in-one module that brings many useful features to the modular system. The designers tried to combine traditional and non-traditional modulation resources, including ring modulation, sampling-storage with seven waveforms and an integrated low-pass filter, a low-frequency generator with an amplifier and envelope and portamento in a double copy.

Roland System-500 531

531 Mix is ​​a mixer module created under the inspiration of 131 output module. It has 6 channels, each of which is provided with an input, a volume control, a pan handle and a channel shut-off button. The values ​​of all pan controls can be controlled by CV signals, which allows you to create interesting stereo effects. In the headphone output section there is a volume knob, as well as a multi-format input, allowing to use both 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack.

Roland System-500 505

505 VCF - filter module, repeating the sound of Roland SH-5, the filter of which is considered one of the most outstanding among all monophonic synthesizers. It has switchable outputs, built-in amplifiers and the ability to control the cut-off point and resonance with CV. Thus, this module, having a rather compact 16hp format, gives two different vintage filter sounds.

All these modules, of course, have a rich functionality and excellent branding sound of Roland, but it is not yet clear whether they will be in great demand due to the latest news from the company Behringer, who are also going to release clones of modules from the System 100-m line, but for much more affordable prices.

Published: 22:36 03.05.2018
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