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Roland added to their Boutique series 2 new instruments - SH-01A and TR-08

Roland added to their Boutique series 2 new instruments - SH-01A and TR-08

The leading Japanese company famous for electronic musical instruments production released two new instruments within Boutique series. This time, the cult drum machine of the late 80s Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (Boutique TR-08) and the analog mono synthesizer SH-101 (Boutique SH-01A) got reincarnated.

Roland has something to surprise us with on the "Day 808" – the brand released the new sound modules for the Boutique series based on the ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior) technology to deliver the most authentic reproduction of the original instrumental sound.

Roland TR-08

Roland TR-08 is a mini-clone of the cult drum machine TR-808. SH-01A is a clone of the cult synthesizer SH-101, and as the original one it comes in 3 colors - gray, blue and red (the last two are limited series, just like the predecessor rendered).

Of course, there have been some changes and improvements. TR-08 is equipped with a built-in audio interface, which allows for 10-channel audio via USB and controls external devices via trigger out. The new instrument includes compressor, gain, tune, and pan for selected instruments. The sequencer still has 16 steps, and 16 additional ones for detailed pattern sculpting. In accordance with the requirements of the modern market, the beats feature a no-interruption playback even when patterns are switched. TR-08 can be powered both via USB and with batteries, installed on the DK-01 Boutique Dock, and comprises a built-in mini-speaker. As any instrument of the series, TR-08 is enclosed into a sturdy metal housing. Thus, the new drum machine is an excellent option for stage and mobile setups.

The price of the new Rhythm Composer will be USD350.

Roland SH-01A

Despite the fact that Roland SH-01A is the reincarnation of one of the most popular mono synthesizers of the late 80's, this time Roland decided to steer clear of replicating and released a device based on the classics. Yes, SH-01A is still positioned as a solo synthesizer, capable of reproducing recognizable bass sounds, leading parts, noise pads and effects, like its progenitor. However, “the new classics” has acquired one quite unexpected and very significant spec - the synthesizer has become polyphonic! 4 voices from now on allow the use of new polyphonic modes (unison, chord, poly), expanding the sound horizons of the original SH-101. The instrument got an advanced LFO with new waveforms and a performance arpeggiator with 3 playback options and 64 patterns available.

As any instrument of the series, SH-01A is compatible with K25m keyboard unit, can be connected via USB and MIDI to other instruments, and can also be used as a slave synth via Trigger IN.

The price of the new synthesizer will be USD350.

Published: 10:25 09.08.2017
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