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Roland SE-02 got new features with EXT BOX!

Roland SE-02 got new features with EXT BOX!

Last week, the much-loved synthesizer SE-02, released by Roland and Studio Electronics, received an extension in the form of EXT BOX, a box that adds several inputs and outputs, an adjustable high-pass filter and overdrive, as well as opportunities for connecting the instrument with modular systems.

About a year ago, Roland introduced to the world the SE-02 synthesizer from the Boutique series, created in collaboration with Studio Electronics. SE-02 is an extremely powerful in terms of sound and capabilities analogue instrument with digital control. This is a synthesizer with three oscillators and an advanced sequencer and it really has everything that can be placed in such a small body. Many fans of fat analog sound appreciated it, and in response to this, the producers decided not to leave this project without development.

Last week, a kind of addition to this instrument came out in the form of the SE-02 EXT BOX, a box made in the same style as the synthesizer itself (it is available in a black steel case with or without wooden end-cheeks). This box adds a couple of very useful and desirable for many functions, namely:

  • parallel 6.3 and 3.5 audio outputs and external audio inputs, providing connectivity to DIN-compliant devices;
  • High-pass filter with a fairly convenient large knob for selecting the cutoff frequency, which allows you to adjust and control the movement of the filter with high precision and articulation;
  • overdrive for creating even fatter sound;
  • the ability to communicate with other synthesizers, including eurorack modular systems using the CV input controlling the filter (you can choose what to use, a knob or control voltage), as well as a gate;
  • Three gate operation modes: transformer, instant switch and input for external gate source;
  • true bypass.

This device is supplied complete with cables for connecting to modular systems, and the power supply requires a twelve-volt three-pin low voltage adapter, the input for which is made according to the American standard, since the European one is much heavier and more voluminous, so many buyers will have to worry about purchasing an adapter.

The device can be purchased now for $139 for the all-metal version and $165 for the wood-pane version.

Published: 13:09 19.10.2018
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