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Roland's New Line of Budget Keyboards

Roland's New Line of Budget Keyboards

Roland moves on. The company is going to takeover a bigger part of mass audience now that they’ve created GO series. Roland GO is a brand new concept in music making the point of which is to help aspiring newcomers.

Roland GO SeriesLet’s start with the portable 8-part multitimbral KEYS GO-61K. It has special options for the beginners who are not that much into notes and chords yet but still can make some music. So how does it work? The instrument offers highly intuitive control turning it into a “press-of-a-button” deal. Anyone will be able to do real-time composing simply choosing the samples and using the special controllers to modify the sound. Roland brought enough of high-quality sounds (around 500) to make us happy. It gets even easier with the sensor panel and LCD which hepls to find a proper sound or music genre. Built-in speakers, headphones jack and power supply (that’s really important) make creating possible anywhere. Bluetooth function connects KEYS GO-61K to your smartphone or tablet giving you all the needed apps.

GO:PIANO GO-61P is №2 in the list. It offers a 61-note piano-style keyboard and high sound quality (as good as in any Roland digital piano). The instrument is quite affordable and truly made for beginners. GO-61P boasts a bunch of great piano, organ, strings and other samples. There is also a sensor panel and an LCD. Bluetooth is here for you to use the apps or watch training videos. GO-61P offers built-in training functions, headphones jack and amplifying system.

Roland have been doing business for about 40 years already and now put their best elite sounds into affordable keyboards.

Both of them will be available in winter this year having GO:KEYS priced at $299 and GO:PIANO at $329.

Published: 21:21 06.01.2017
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