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New Digital Piano FP-90 By Roland

New Digital Piano FP-90 By Roland

If you play the piano you might know that inspiration can strike any time and any place. Roland FP-90 portable digital piano will be a super helper letting you immerse yourself into music and deliver the best performance.

Lately Roland have presented their new outstanding product – portable digital piano. Let’s have a closer look at a musician’s best friend made by the most prominent Japanese piano maker…

Roland FP-90

The new FP-90 model was recruited into Roland’s digital piano army becoming a true flagship instrument of the successful line. A powerful multichannel acoustic system was put into modern compact case and a thoroughly selected collection of sounds featured in FP-90 made this instrument suitable for various music genres. String, organ and synth sections are ready at hand! MIDI support and Bluetooth make it easy to connect the device to any other Roland musical instrument as well as allows integration with music apps.
The instrument is equipped with useful functions as regards storing sounds and changing their settings with the help of special sliders. A built-in speaker will let you get a high quality sound with voice effects application – it doesn’t require extra add-ons uploading. WAV and MP3 sounds are routed via USB.

Roland’s sound modeling premium technology called SuperNATURAL gave the instrument that rich and compound sound which can alter depending on different playing technics. How does it work? It transmits individual timbre of each played note and that allows you to get a smooth and natural morphing from low timbres to high ones (as you get while playing an acoustic instrument) – all in all it delivers a wide dynamic sonic range. The notes differ from each other in the number of unison tuned strings, string length and braid as well as hammer weight. The lusciousness of the harmonics which is achieved in an acoustic grand piano is created due to layering of each unique timbre of a note into one stream.

We should definitely say some words about its keyboard. This is a new type of the keyboard - PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) which combines the best materials, solid and lasting inner structure and at the same time high key sensitivity. Durability is what the new PHA-50 is all about.

Powerful built-in dynamics supply intensiveness and loudness to the sound giving the possibility to adjust it with a 3 band equalizer. It doesn’t matter where a musician performs – the acoustic system of an electronic piano will let the instrument sound equally great both on stage and in a studio or any small room.

Bluetooth function: thanks to built-in wireless connectivity feature as Bluetooth support the electronic piano is one step ahead of the other instruments due to a split-second signal transfer to powerful speakers.

FP-90 got a special Partner 2 app by Roland available – it allows you to receive a high quality accompaniment with an access to the various music genres.

Despite the impressive “kit” of new technologies introduced into the instrument it’s worth noting that its looks remains quite simple though exquisite. FP-90 is still a stunning portable keyboard as well as its predecessors FP-80 and FP-50. Those musicians who can get inspired wherever they may appear will definitely love this Roland’s product. And if you make it work together with a special rack KSC-90 or such pedals as KPD-90, DP-10 or a triple RPU-3 the instrument becomes a true piano as for a studio use as for the stage or home.

Crucial specs of the instrument:

Sound engine:

  • Sound generation technology: PCM, SuperNATURAL;
  • The number of sounds: 316 (piano: 15 programs, electric piano: 16 programs, strings: 11 programs, organ: 15 programs, drums: 8 multi programs, effects: 1 multi program, other sounds: 269);
  • Maximum polyphony for piano is theoretically unlimited, for other instruments – up to 384 voices;
  • Accompaniment styles: 72;
  • Preset compositions: 10;
  • Effects: reverb, chorus, delay;
  • Slit&Layers;
  • Recorder: (SMF0, notes - 70 000 events, WAV 44.1 kHz x 16bit, MP3 44.1 kHz 64-320 kbps).

The keyboard:

  • Key number: 88 (7 octaves);
  • Key size: standard;
  • Keyboard type: piano;
  • Dynamic touch, no aftertouch, hammer action imitation;
  • Key material – wood with plastic coating.

Interface and controllers:

  • Display: LCD, 132х32, monochrome;
  • MIDI: GM, GS; MIDI jacks: IN, OUT;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Linear output: 1/4", L / MONO, R;
  • Linear input: 1/4”;
  • USB: computer, external drive;
  • Headphones jacks: 2;
  • Pitch/mod wheels: none;
  • Pedal input: 3 (sustain, expression, assignable);
  • Built-in speakers: 2+1;
  • Equalizer: yes;
  • Arpeggio: none.


  • 1340 mm, 52,75"
  • 136 mm, 5,4"
  • 390 mm, 15,3"
  • 23 kg/ 52 lb

To listen to the Roland FP-90 watch the video below:

Published: 13:24 15.09.2016
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