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Roland Boutique: Percussion Modules And Vocoder

Roland Boutique: Percussion Modules And Vocoder

Roland Boutique series includes compact musical instruments which were created in honor of their renowned predecessors – Roland synthesizers of the past. The series comprises 3 modular synthesizers and a “basis” for a keyboard. MIDI controller with A-01 generator has appeared recently. It’s no surprise that the never-ending demand in their cult drum machines and the fact that vintage is back in fashion whipped Roland up to release 2 new modules – TR-09 and TB-03. VP-03 vocoder was also presented – it was created based on the VP-330 which used to be popular 30 years ago.

TR-09 Rhythm Arranger and TB-03 Bass Synthesizer are reincarnated in our article on the cult drum machines - now we’d like to shed some light on Roland’s vocoder called VP-03.

Roland Boutique VP-03As all the Roland Boutique devices (JP-08, JX-03, JU-06) VP-03 vocoder applies ACB (Advanced Circuit Behavior) technology which helps to revive waveforms generation process the way it goes within an analog synthesizer in order to get sound waves parametrically close as much as possible to those analog sound principles of the early 1980s which actually became “role models”. VP-03 was re-created by engineers who kept in mind VP-330 – a vocoder with a keyboard which used to be popular 35 years ago. By the way the compact VP-03 can get equipped with a keyboard as well: it can join other Roland Boutique instruments as a unit compatible with a standard keyboard for the series – K-25 (25 mini keys), though you can connect it to a MIDI controller too.

So VP-03 has a few nice things onboard: vocoder, voice emulator, string sounds – it seems to be a clever copy of its famous ancestor – at least that’s what the developers promise – and all the other instruments of the series are really decent and successful clones of their progenitors, we assure you.

As an extra treat we get from Roland new functions: step sequencer, 16 memory blocks and 2 ribbon controllers which replace pitch/mod wheels. Besides, the machine sports a built-in speaker, XLR jack for a gooseneck microphone and can be whether battery powered or leech the power of your computer via USB. All this is packed into a solid and durable metallic case and will soon hit the shelves at a price of $350 – quite a bargain!

“Wir sind die Roboter”. [said in a robot voice and off to count presidential portraits…]

P.S. The only thing is weird – why having a docking case? Tilting support or what is it for here?

Published: 23:27 13.09.2016
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