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Pioneer, Sensel and Solid State Logic new devices

Pioneer, Sensel and Solid State Logic new devices

Pioneer, Sensel and Solid State Logic announce their new products and share some details about the functionality and availability: DJS-1000 stand-alone DJ sampler has been introduced by Pioneer DJ, Sensel Morph adaptable control surface finds its way to the market, Nucleus2 DAW & Studio Controller is going to ship in two versions.

DJS-1000 by Pioneer DJ is a standalone DJ sampler featuring a step sequencer with 16 multicolored step input keys, 16 large rubber multicolored illuminated Performance Pads geared with perfectly precise velocity detection and more than 2500 Loopmasters samples onboard.

The touch strip allows you to change the pitch if using a pitch bend or trigger a drum roll when using the note repeat simultaneously.
The unit offers a few sync options including MIDI clock, Beat Sync function syncing with a track playing on a CDJ-2000NXS2 or XDJ-1000MK2 by beat or bar with the help of PRO DJ LINK.

Live Sampling function lets you sample input voices turning them into independent tracks straight away by adding them into a live mix owing to auto sync with a running sequence.

There is a cool set of classic effects – apply echo, reverb, and put through the filter individual tracks, grouped ones and all of them.
DJS-1000 has got a 7″ full-color touchscreen display onboard, is capable of USB interaction and supports TORAIZ SP-16 and SCENE3 project files.

Order or get from a retailer for $1200 soon.

Sensel Morph is now available. A patented Pressure Grid surface recognizes any touch with its sensitive contact points. Apply the device in a multiple ways finfing the right purpose – it can be a MIDI or game controller, drum set, keyboard, video editor or pretty much anything else due to the customizable surface.

The Morph can be used as a trackpad, a tablet for painting, or you can make of it your own interface - Sensel offers an open source API. You can also choose some other form of operation for your device thanks to 10 brand’s overlays.

Accuracy of tracking is ensured by Morph’s precision degree – each contact point detects and measures position, dynamics and actual shape handling up to 16 possible contact points fixing pressure levels individually for each (20000 sensors and 32000 pressure levels per contact).

Sensel Morph senses literally everything – you can press it with a stick, brush, finger or whatever comes to your creative mind.
The unit is powered with a USB rechargeable battery.

SSL Nucleus2 DAW & Studio Controller made by Solid State Logic is now available in a Light version and a Dark color scheme.

Nucleus2 is the device with a solid feel of a SSL controller comprising enhanced multi-DAW control, powerful transport controls, monitor switching, two full-fledged SSL SuperAnalogue mic preamps, and a Dante audio interface.

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Published: 20:26 23.10.2017
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