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Cyrille Henry Announced A New Digital Semi-Modular Synthesizer Nozoïd MMO-3

Cyrille Henry Announced A New Digital Semi-Modular Synthesizer Nozoïd MMO-3

Cyrille Henry has announced the new synthesizer called Nozoïd MMO-3. The unit is a semi-modular synth based on different modulation synthesis types. The developers paid special attention to atonal sound generation. The retail price of the new device is €500.

Nozoïd MMO-3

Nozoïd MMO-3 is a digital semi-modular synthesizer with the wide range of wave shaping possibilities. The device supports various synthesis types (amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, waveshaping). The special attention was brought to atonal sound generation.

According to Cyrille Henry, a creator of Nozoïd MMO-3, the model offers a user rich and complex timbre control – it’s great for thick drone sounds, squeaky electronic patterns and percussion noises.

All the three oscillators are completely identical and generate sine waveform which can be distorted by any of the 4 modulation types presented here (AM, FM, PM, Waveshaping). Oscillators can modulate each other or be modulated by LFO with a complex waveform and quite a wide frequency range from 0.1 to 100 Hz. Each of the 3 LFOs has its own dedicated function – LFO1 is used for waveshaping, LFO2 – for creating of complex waveforms with the help of cross-amplitude modulation, LFO3 – powerful multifunctional LFO supporting amplitude and frequency modulation as well as various waveforms among which there are triangle and step waves. In order to manage modulation there are 9 knobs and a joystick.

There’s also one ADSR envelope generator, mixer (3 signal mixing variants), dual attenuator with ability to be used in a sound chain before and after distortion stage, plus you can apply envelope, double distortion, portamento, generous digital mod matrix, CV/Gate input.

The synthesizer features a unique 2-octave pseudo-keyboard represented by the buttons the basic function of which is modulation matrix control.

As for connectivity MMO-3 offers stereo audio input, stereo audio output, MIDI input handling note events, velocity value, pitch wheel position, other control signals.

There are 30 knobs for instrument control. The digital mod matrix allows you to rout any CV input to any modulation fader setting you free from worries about cable length. Besides, the patch can be saved and stored. The joystick lets you combine 4 modulation signals to create the new modulation type the variations of which would depend on the position in relation to X/Y axis.

Nozoïd MMO-3 synthesizer is already shipping, the retail price is €499. The detailed information is available on the developer’s website – you’ll get all the specs you’re interested in.

Published: 13:50 21.05.2017
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