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Novation Announced Paraphonic Analog Synth Circuit Mono Station

Novation Announced Paraphonic Analog Synth Circuit Mono Station

Circuit Mono Station was announced by Novation at Superbooth 2017 – a paraphonic analog synthesizer with two oscillators, 3-track sequencer, 32 RGB pads, nice modulation matrix and good connectivity options.

Novation's product development team has announced Circuit Mono Station - a paraphonic analog synthesizer with two oscillators, 3-track sequencer and 32 RGB pads.

The new device is a monosynth based on Bass Station II and Novation Circuit designs. Circuit Mono Station features 2 oscillators, 3 distortion modes, low pass/high pass and band-pass filters (12dB and 24dB).

Circuit Mono Station allows users to sync as well as set the parameters of both oscillators themselves. The new instrument let you produce 4 waveforms (sawtooth, triangle, square, S&H); there’s also a ring modulation possibility, sub oscillator and noise generator. The synthesizer is equipped with an overdrive function.

You can choose between monophonic and paraphonic modes – the oscillators can be tracked and managed by sequencer individually. Since there’s a separate sequencer track for modulation parameters any user can control gate length, pulse width of a square wave, switch and modify patterns, select sync rate.

The modulation matrix allows you to change pitch, pulse width of a square wave, amplitude, filter parameters and distortion amount.

Circuit Mono Station has enough memory for uploading and saving up to 64 patches. The synthesizer can be controlled by CV/ Gate, CV mod, there’s also MIDI in/out/thru to integrate it with external devices. You may connect it to your PC via USB or any other source featuring MIDI support.

The synthesizer – priced about $500 - will be available for order in July 2017.

Published: 03:40 20.04.2017
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