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TouchKeys Challenges Traditional Keys

TouchKeys Challenges Traditional Keys

Kickstarter supported another project called TouchKeys. It’s an incredible musical instrument which turned a simple keyboard into multi-touch control surface. The creator’s name is Andrew McPherson – the TouchKeys developer has been working on the project in С4DM (Centre for Digital Music), Queen Mary University of London. One of the main TouchKeys features is its multidimensional control “note by note” with keeping this traditional keyboard feel at the same time.

TouchKeysThere are touch sensors all over the TouchKeys keyboard. The interaction with the keyboard starts when a finger makes a contact with the multi-touch control surface of the key. Thus these sensors measure the constantly varying location of your fingers and let you get completely new expressive performing technics adding vibrato or changing the timbre, achieving interesting sound effects.

Each key uses the similar kind of a sensor overlay (same technology) you have in your smartphone or any other device with a touch sensitive surface.

So what are the most amusing features you get with the TouchKeys?

  • It’s highly precise: sensors measure more than 1500 surface points of each key
  • Minor lag: sensors measure period is every 5 milliseconds for the natural and fast interaction – a real rapid reaction
  • Comprehensible keyboard interaction process: you can easily detect any error while playing
  • Compatibility: TouchKeys sensors are shaped to fit any keyboard with standard-width keys; it can be a 2-octave portable synth or a 97-key huge Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano. There is also a colour select opportunity: from classic black and white to the white and black inversion
  • Already mentioned revolutionary multi-touch surface: a single key can analyze up to three simultaneous touches
  • And last but not the least – integration with any MIDI instrument: TouchKeys can be easily connected to your PC (Mac, Windows or Linux) or another standalone hardware

You can buy TouchKeys technology and apply it yourself or buy an already integrated one – like that you’ll get a Novation or Doepfer keyboard with TouchKeys sensor surface.

It’s up to you what to choose, you can pay £190 or £599 if you need a controller with TouchKeys technology and want to use it straight away.

Published: 13:45 11.12.2016
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