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SynthiMuse Random MIDI Note Generator

SynthiMuse Random MIDI Note Generator

SynthiMuse was created by a Scottish brand the main idea of which was to develop a Samle&Hold module for analog synthesizers. Such module is used to generate random notes which have nothing to do with the actual scale.


SynthiMuse is designed to manage various tasks. It can create never-ending random MIDI note sequences which were received from the built-in random noise generator with a similar circuit analog synths used to have in the 1970s. Each time notes change within a sequence so if it’s not captured and looped you’ll lose it just because they never come in the same order twice. Sequences are generated with setting certain parameters of certain control elements which in their turn make an impact on notes. You can adjust the pitch and already generated sounds; velocity and note length interact with LFO, noise and audio.

It allows to rewrite notes received via MIDI in. You can play any tune (or not play at all but keep pressing the same note) and use SynthiMuse panel settings to create various combinations. SynthiMuse can serve as a trigger (microphone input or any other external sound source). The device is sensitive to audio pitch fluctuation so singing or playing at high or low octaves influence the pitch of the created MIDI notes.

This unit can be applied as an arpeggiator which will produce either simple or complex enough patterns. SynthiMuse incorporated a loop-machine memorizing last 64 notes which can be stored in up to 4 loops. The memory is nonvolatile which means that you won’t lose the recorded loops after switching the device off.

The demo video below will show you the prototype with apparent vinyl stickers. The release date and the price are to be announced.

Published: 09:59 16.02.2017
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