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Mixtur Trautonium: A 100-Year Old Modular Synth Revived

Mixtur Trautonium: A 100-Year Old Modular Synth Revived

The monophonic Mixtur-Trautonium was created in the 1920s by Friedrich Trautwein, later it was modified by Oskar Sala and that modernized version was brought to us by Trautoniks company which also demonstrated how it could be integrated with other Eurorack modular synthesizers.

While upgrading the instrument Sala added noise generator, envelope generator, formant filters and subharmonic oscillators.

Mixtur-Trautonium featured a resistor wire over a metal plate as the principle of its operating and was created, first of all, to emulate sounds which were needed for the specific purposes of the cinema production (though its imitating function was also used in a Hitchcock’s “The Birds” movie).

Trautoniks is responsible for control, subharmonic oscillators and filters, other modules are made by Doepfer, Analogue Systems and MOTM.

Published: 09:25 30.07.2016
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